Project Description

The Keys To Happiness

The Keys to happiness!
There is nothing more important than a good, safe and secure home… A home is not just a place or 4 walls, it’s a feeling of safety, a place of love, hope and dreams! Should that not be a right for every human being? Just think about it?
Isn’t it a society’s responsibility to make sure that every single person should be in possession of one of these keys that opens the door of where they truly belong, grow up their children, have family diners, meet friends or a retreat from everyday life?! It shouldn’t be luxury, right? Shouldn’t it be a right? Let us think about this…

( Material : steel nails , oil colours , epoxy , old and new used keys , sand , glass granulate , alu granulate ,wood , steel skulls  . Size 119 x 98cm . Weight 45 kilos ) Price : 18000 dollars