Project Description

The Beauty And The Death


What is beauty ? Is it anly the external beauty, which you can see with your eyes, or is it in the eye of the observer? Could it be seen by the Soul ?Is beauty the same for you as it is for me ? Or is it even the society that defines beauty in daily life… by their ideals ?

The picture shows you how I see the beauty in the people and in their Souls… after all we do have to admit that at the end of the day a human being will be a human being with the beauty in all their differences, which is shown by the death’s head. Isn’t the beauty, the respect that
one human being has for another.

We do all have the same way to follow! ( Material : wood , acryl colours , nails , brass , epoxy , cogs from real watches , alu wire , glass stones , hex nuts .Size 121 x 74cm . Weight 30kg ) Price : 16000 dollars