Project Description

The Modern Prisoner

Social media is used in almost every part of our lives.:: it has changed our society, our way of live and the idea of friends. It offers the opportunity to re-connect with their old friends but it can move us away from our day-to-day life, real life and grow lonely.
Do people attach their self-esteem to their social media activity, their profiles? And how does it influence our social, work or private life? Are we conscious about the perception of ourselves?
Are we addicted to social media an portraying a perfect life on our social media profile so much that in some cases user are forced to attend rehab centres as they get state of panic attacks out of the fear not belonging any longer to this society as they do not fulfill the new requirements of our society?
Is this what we do define for our society? ( Material : cogs from old watches , wire , phone dummies , steel , acryl colours , oil colours , epoxy , wood , thread ) Size : 145 xv115cm , Weight : 75kg ,  Price: 23.500 dollars